I'm a fat recreational ballet dancer with a pacemaker.
Body positive. Strong believer in Health At Every Size.
This place is a repository for my mind. At the moment that seems to mostly be ballet, heart stuff, pretty things and random geekery.

*Not an actual disney princess, accidental or otherwise. That would be tragic. I would be the worst disney princess ever. Completely positive.


People may say I can not dance.

People may say I should not dance.

But no one will ever say I did not dance. 

I hated these pictures when I first saw them. HATED them. I know how dance makes me feel, but I seldom see glimpses of myself outside from glimpses of myself in a studio mirror. But then I stop and think how far I’ve come. Just over a year ago, I became battery operated (that means I got a pacemaker, for the uninitiated). 8 months ago I had open heart surgery. 6 months ago I started fighting to get my life back. My body isn’t something I love despite itself, my body is something I love because it got me through. It can dance, it can be graceful, it got me through hell and back. It is bold, and yes it is big, but it has never failed me yet.

This is my body. It’s a good body. And it will always dance.

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