I'm a fat recreational ballet dancer with a pacemaker.
Body positive. Strong believer in Health At Every Size.
This place is a repository for my mind. At the moment that seems to mostly be ballet, heart stuff, pretty things and random geekery.

*Not an actual disney princess, accidental or otherwise. That would be tragic. I would be the worst disney princess ever. Completely positive.


3-4 years ago. I use to clean the floors at my old studio in exchange for classes. Naturally I took advantage of having the place to myself. I credit this place with really teaching me how to dance. Not once did they look at my body type and tell me I couldn’t do it. They expected no less from me because I happened to be the biggest girl there by far. Only my absolute best was acceptable. And you know what? Every studio I’ve danced at has had the same attitude. That is the sign of a good dance school. A place that like that becomes a home, a haven. Where they only thing that matters is the dance. The same holds true for my current studio.

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    "Where the only thing that matters is the dance"… this is indeed how it should be!
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    I took my first ballet class a month ago. Since then I’ve been too busy to go back. Promise to myself: I will make time...
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    I love you for that
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